Carriers and health

Many x-ald carriers will develop various degrees of neurological symptoms. All affecting quality of life in different ways.  Some get symptoms in their twenties, but usually it appears gradually an starts later in life.

There are also x-ald carriers who do not get symptoms. 


Carriers at risk

Female x-ald carriers like myself, may have been told that she will probably not be affected by this. 

The fact is that the symptoms may be pretty rough when it comes to affecting the quality of life. All the clinical symptoms many women have,  tells us how the future may be.  Having met many affected female x-ald carriers and heard their stories, as well as the best doctors and clinical nutritionists in this field, there is no question x-ald carriers do have a risk of getting quite severe symptoms. 

Attending the ULF meeting in 2009 was an eyeopener.  X-ALD carriers are not unaffected. What I had been told was clearly not excactly thrue.